September 27-October 1, 2015
Coastal Adventures, Tangier, Nova Scotia


Day 1 AM Trip Planning, Depart on journey
PM Reading the sea/land boundary; rock hopping. Navigation
Debrief. Night paddle
  Campsite: Coastal Islands
Day 2 AM/PM Navigation (cont’d), route selection, difficult launch/landings
Assisted rescues & self rescues (including Eskimo roll), in deep water, with loaded boats. Return to base
Evening Debrief.  Discussion: Weather
  Campsite: Tangier
Day 3 AM  Surf Practice (Lawrencetown/Clam Harbour Beach)
Evening Return to base - down time
Campsite: Tangier
Day 4 AM/PM Tides current practice, (Shubenacadie River)
Evening  Discussion: Group leadership and decision making
Campsite: Cape d’Or
Day 5 AM/PM  Tidal current practice, rocky shore (Cape d’Or, Bay of Fundy)
Evening Discussion: Navigation exercise in tidal waters
Campsite: Cape d’Or

The goal of this course is to help participants develop the technical and judgement skills necessary for paddling in the advanced conditions that we can encounter in Atlantic Canada’s coastal waters. The importance of safety will be emphasised throughout the course. This will be a demanding five days and participants are expected to arrive in good shape and with the appropriate basic skills. We will be beginning early in the morning and continuing well into the evening. Paddle Canada and BCU certification will be available to those who have attained the applicable levels.

Note: Our coastal waters can be chilly and we will be in it a lot. Cold water gear is mandatory (a dry suit is highly recommended, especially during the May course). Campsites will vary, and transportation to and from the various venues (e.g. Shubenacadie River, Cape d’Or) will be the responsibility of the participants (although we will be car pooling). Weather and water conditions have a major influence on sea paddling and we reserve the right to alter the schedule as needed.