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Coastal Adventures

Sea Kayaking School


Coastal Adventures has been a pioneer in providing quality instruction in sea kayaking in Eastern Canada for over three decades. Whether you are looking for an introduction to the sport or are seeking advanced training, we have something for you in our program. We offer courses leading to certification by Paddle Canada. In addition to our own instructors, we often bring in experienced coaches from outside our region who are leaders in the sport. This allows us to keep abreast of the latest ideas and techniques in sea kayaking.

2024 Course Offerings

Half Day Courses

Eskimo Rolling


Shawnsroll 156KB copy.jpg
21.JPG – Version 2 (1).jpg

Dates: TBA
(All are afternoon sessions: 1:30PM-5PM)

Fee: $85 Cdn* 5 (all equipment provided, including dry/wet suits)


Additional Clinics: Depending on availability of instructors we can offer dates outside the schedule for a minimum of two participants.

The first and best self-rescue following a capsize in a kayak is the Eskimo roll. This technique, developed by northern indigenous paddlers, allows you to remain in your boat, rapidly right yourself and continue paddling out of a potentially dangerous area. During these half day clinics we will introduce you to this fascinating technique. No prior experience is required but the Safety and Sea Kayaking is recommended.

Courses-Intro to SK

Day-Long Courses


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Intro Course 230.jpg

COASTAL ADVENTURES is offering a day long clinic where the various factors relating to sea kayak safety will be covered, both in theory and in practice. Instruction includes solo and group rescue techniques. Paddle Canada Introduction to Sea Kayaking certification will be offered.


Additional Clinics: Depending on availability of instructors we can offer dates outside the schedule for a minimum of three participants.

Click here for details

Dates: June 16, 30, July 7, 21

Fee: $225 (includes kayaks, dry/wet suits, & lunch)


Multi-Day Courses


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Introduction 206KB.jpg

These weekend courses offer an intensive theoretical and practical introduction to sea kayaking. Topics covered include the necessary equipment, the basic paddling strokes, rescue techniques, navigation and weather and water conditions. Paddle Canada Introduction to Kayaking and Sea Kayaking Level 1 will be offered. No previous experience required.

Click here for details

2 Day Course

Dates: June 22-23, July 13-14


$325 (includes tent site &, certification fees; not included: kayaks, cold water clothing, meals,-  B&B extra)

$450 Cdn* (includes tent site, certification fees, kayaks, cold water clothing & meals - B&B extra)

Courses - Paddle2



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Comprehensive course 252KB.jpg

This intensive 4 day course, over two weekends, reinforces and extends the information and skills taught in the introductory course. An overnight trip and a night paddle will be part of the course. Group leadership and risk assessment will be an important component. Paddle Canada skill certification (Level 2) available to qualified candidates. Prerequisite: PC Sea Kayaking 1, or its equivalent in experience. Details upon request.

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4 Day Course

Dates: TBA


$595: (Includes: campsite, course material, certification fees; Not included: meals & snacks, kayak equipment and    camping gear)

$950: (Includes: campsite, course material, certification fees, meals & snacks, kayak equipment, and cold water gear; Not included: camping gear)



21.JPG – Version 2 (1).jpg
Instructor Course 560KB.jpg

Paddle Canada has developed the first national sea kayaking program and Coastal Adventures has been involved since the beginning. During this course along Nova Scotia's rugged Atlantic coast, we will cover the theory and skills required for the Paddle Canada Basic Kayaking Instructor Course and the Sea Kayak Level 1 Instructor Course. An emphasis will be placed on various teaching techniques and situations. Certification for the Basic Kayaking Instructor and Sea Kayaking Instructor Level 1 will be available to the successful candidates.

Click here for details

Prerequisite: Minimum Paddle Canada Level 1 skills course (see above) or equivalent in experience

Dates: Contact us for dates and details


2 Day Basic Instructor Course

Fee: $395 Cdn*

4 Day SK1 Instructor Course Course

Fee: $750 Cdn* [includes instruction, campsite, course materials; excludes kayak equipment, camping gear, & meals]

All Women Courses



21.JPG – Version 2 (1).jpg
All Women Course  220MB.jpg

Want to brush up on your paddling strokes for the summer? Interested in improving your safety skills?
Tired of men? Come and join Coastal Adventure’s three/four day ALL WOMEN paddling course in beautiful Tangier, Nova Scotia.

Click here for details

Dates: TBA

Fee: $450 - $695Cdn*


Course Director

Gayle Wilson: BCU Instructor and Paddle Canada Instructor Trainer

Course Instructors

Scott Cunningham: BCU Level 4 Coach, Paddle Canada Senior Instructor Trainer

Gayle Wilson: BCU Coach & Paddle Canada SK Instructor Trainer

Jeremy Dunn: Paddle Canada SK Instructor

If you would like to register for one of Coastal Adventure's tours or courses, here is our registration form in ADOBE PDF format.

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